PyWhatKit - Feature test

RemoteKit is an upcoming feature of PyWhatKit, it allows you to controll your PC wirelessly on same network, you can controll the PC without installing any thing on your phone, this feature is written in Python and JavaScript with front-end in HTML-CSS.


In order to test this feature you need to download the code and install few libraries, run the following command to install them

pip install flask
pip install pyautogui


First, make sure your PC and the phone that you want to control PC with, are on the same network, either connected to hotspot or WiFi

Now open command prompt in the same directory where you downloaded the codes and type the following and hit enter


You should see something like this

Now get the IPV4 address of your PC, on windows you can get it by typing "ipconfig" on command prompt, relavent command for all OS.

Now open any browser on your phone and type IPV4_address:8000 and hit enter.

Move your finger over the grey area, your cursor should also move. Report any issue on GitHub or directly contact us on Discord

Let us know if it worked or not